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By Steve Axman

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The quarterback should be told by the coach what type of pass delivery to execute (plant/throw, pop-up/throw, hitch-up throw). Page 39 Drill #30: Sprint-out/Roll-out and Throw Drill Objective: To tie together the sprint-out/roll-out perimeter attack run action skills and the pass action skills of sprint-out/roll-out action pass delivery action. Equipment Needed: One football per two quarterbacks; lined field. Description: This drill is the next step in the teaching progression of the coordinated sprint-out/roll-out run action and pass delivery.

Description: Two quarterbacks stand ten yards apart and throw passes to one another from a proper pre-pass set-up stance. They score each other for accuracy. If the pass were to hit the opposite quarterback in the face3 points, within one foot outside the face2 points, one to three feet from the face1 point. After six or seven repetitions, the quarterbacks can expand to 15 yards, 20 yards, 25 yards, etc. The first to 50 points wins. Special emphasis should be placed on the index finger follow-through: Where was the finger pointing when the ball was released?

Description: Two quarterbacks stand eight to ten yards apart working on a yard line. The passers stand on the line with the balls of the feet both starting out with a 90° angle turn to the right. Without moving the feet the quarterbacks open their upper torso to the left and execute a proper over-the-top delivery motion to the nose of the other quarterback. After sufficient repetitions, the action is repeated with the feet turned on a 90° angle to the left. Coaching Points: No stepping action is involved in this drill.

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