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The cross-sec ti o nal areas of all three branches of a dev ice for the electroly sis of water are A = 4 cm 2 . Initially , the height of the watL:r co lumn is th e same in every branch , and there is no air above the water in the branL:hes on the sides. 6 mg of hydrogen per minute') What is the (average) speed of the ri sing water 2 level? The te mperature is 27 aC. 8 Ill /5 , ex ternal air press ure is c 3 3 ]Jo=lWPa. ) = 1 clm 3 is attached to a thin- wa ll ed tube of length 1= 40 cm and cross-sectional area A = 1 C111 2 .

With what acce lerati on shou ld the end of the cords be moved if our task IS to print the letters clearl y onto a vertical wa ll ? Neglect the mass of the disks. Problem 125. A loosely hanging thread of length l is attached to a freely rolling trolley of mass III ; the other end of it is attached to a cylindrical spring with spring constant I.. whose other end is attached to a trolley or mass 2m. as shown in the figure. The spring can also bl: compressed and its axis always rema1l1S straight. The carl of Inass 2111.

The cord between the pulley and the cy linder (that are at a great distance from each other) forms 60 0 with ihe hori zontal. Find thl: acceleration of the hanging object at the moment whe n it is released. ) m Problem 122. Two coaxial pulley s of the same thickness and of the same material have radii 10 cm and 20 cm respectively . 5 kg. The blocks hanging from the pulleys have a mass of 9 kg each . 9111 from their original positions. Problem 123. 2 11l are fixed together so that the ir ce ntrl:S are above each other.

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