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By Sherman Hollar

ISBN-10: 161530584X

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Describes the actual features of bactera, algae and protozoa, and a few of the clinical and business makes use of of bacteria.

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Sexual reproduction among the chrysophytes is rare. Most species reproduce asexually by the formation of spores or by simple fission. The Diatoms The diatoms are single-celled photosynthetic organisms covered with a tiny shell or exterior skeleton rich in silicon. They exist in very large numbers in the ocean and in bodies of fresh water. When diatoms shed their shells, the shells fall to the bottom and can form deposits that may build up to several meters. Diatomaceous earth—sedimentary rock formed from such deposits—has a number of commercial 62 feAtures And tyPes of AlgAe applications, including use in filters, insulation, and abrasives.

Microorganisms were finally recognized as a cause of disease in 1876, when 43 A closer look At BActerIA, AlgAe, And ProtozoA German bacteriologist Robert Koch proved that a bacterium was the cause of the disease anthrax. The germ theory’s acceptance led to improved health practices, methods of food production, sanitation, and antiseptic surgical methods, and to the practices of quarantine and immunization. Other researchers, such as Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, established the connections between bacteria and the processes of fermentation and disease.

When E. coli is consumed in contaminated water, milk, or food or is transmitted through the bite of a fly or other insect, it can cause gastrointestinal illness. Mutations can lead to strains that cause 30 the ImPortAnce, dAngers, And uses of BActerIA diarrhea by giving off toxins, invading the intestinal lining, or sticking to the intestinal wall. Therapy for gastrointestinal illness consists largely of fluid replacement, though specific drugs are effective in some cases. The illness is usually self-limiting, with no evidence of long-lasting effects.

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