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Very good textual content for upper-level undergraduate and graduate scholars exhibits how geometric and algebraic rules met and grew jointly into a massive department of arithmetic. Lucid assurance of vector fields, surfaces, homology of complexes, even more. a few wisdom of differential equations and multivariate calculus required. Many difficulties and routines (some ideas) built-in into the textual content. 1979 version. Bibliography.

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Prove that the only connected subsets of the x-axis are intervals. §3 COMPACTNESS AND CONNECTEDNESS 27 9. Let / be a continuous real-valued function defined on the closed interval [a, b\. Use connectedness and compactness to prove that the range of / , R = {y\y = f(x) for some x e [a, b~\}, is a closed and bounded interval also. Deduce from this (a) the maximum-value theorem: the range off contains a value M larger than all the other numbers in R (b) the intermediate-value theorem: if the range off contains the values c and d, then it must contain all values y between c and d 10.

Otherwise if both endpoints were from the same set, we would just confine our attention to some subinterval whose endpoints came from both sets. Bisect the interval into the halves [0, j ] and [^, 1]. Then one of these halves has the property that its endpoints come from both sets A and B. Choose this half and bisect it in turn, obtaining two quarters of the original interval. Now one of these quarters contains endpoints from both sets A and B. 2). A* o i y4 i i • , , i 3 / s 7 / i « Va i i i i i i i Am, i i i l i ' * 1 .!

To find a fixed point for g, consider the composition / = v o g o w, where i; is the inverse transformation v:R^> D. This composition is a continuous transformation of D to D. By hypothesis, / has a fixed point P in D, v(g(u{P))) = f(P) — P. This means that g(u(P)) = u(P\ so that u(P) is a fixed point for #. This proves that R has the fixed point property. The following theorem is the most important result on fixed points in the plane. Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem Cells have the fixed point property.

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