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By Uwe Glässer

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The same application program may run on a uniprocessor configuration as weil as on arbitrary large networks with any nummer of processors. Consequently, the compiler needs also not to know whether the code it produces is to be executed on a sequential or parallel machine. On the other hand, it still remains possible to extract helpful information from a program at compile-time in order to support or improve parallelization whenever the program is executed by more than one processor. 1. - ~------------------FCP Machine Program (Primitive Reduetion Instruetions) Networ;L~;; - - - - - - I I Network Boot U_til..

THE ABSTRACT MACHINE MODEL 41 Beside the dynamic data structures mentioned so far, the Heap also contains the FCP process structures as well as the data structures required to handle process suspensions. In fact, all these data structures are represented as tuples, which are dynamically created and deleted. The machine representation of a process structure consisting of k arguments corresponds to a tuple of arity k + 2. The additional entry thereby identifies the program procedure belonging to the process.

O handle backtracking, efficiently. a-flow synchronization without using busy waiting requires an additional process suspension mechanism. FinaIly, the concept of compiling unification has to be generalized and extended to read-only unification primitives. An instruction set. for a sequential FCP machine was first proposed by Houri and Shapiro in [Houri87]. In the design and implementation of our machine we use a different. instruction set as weIl as different representations for FCP data structures.

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