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By Stefan Dienst

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Amazonia is linguistically hugely various zone with various underdocumented, usually heavily endangered languages. This paintings is a reference grammar of an Amazonian language spoken within the rainforests of Brazil and Peru. The e-book offers a accomplished perception into the grammatical constitution of Kulina, in an effort to be of serious worth to linguistic typologists and anyone drawn to indigenous languages of South the US.

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I met a speaker from Batedor in the town of Jutaí in 2006. His dialect was very close to that of the middle Juruá. 1 General grammatical descriptions There are four general works on Kulina grammar, all of which resulted from Christian missionary work. In her Culina grammar outline from 1963, Arlene Agnew, a missionary of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), presents an analysis of the syntax of the Peruvian Kulina dialect within the theoretical framework of tagmemics. The short Gramática da Língua Kulina, Dialeto do Igarapé do Anjo published in 1986 was co-authored by Brazilian linguist Ruth Monserrat and Abel O.

Many insights came from the existing works on Kulina. Adams (1987) in particular proved extremely helpful in the early stages of my work. Tiss (2004) only became available to me after I had completed a first draft of the present work. Some questions remain open here although they have been answered by earlier authors because I could neither confirm nor disconfirm their analysis from my own data. 3 Like all rural workers in Brazil, the inhabitants of indigenous villages who work in family agriculture are entitled to an old age pension without ever having contributed to the social security system.

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