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From Siw. , Sing. N,Ao, . , , Dzml. m,I. & or m, D. m Plur. m or ~ etc. & rn. 's man', forme the strong caws from middle o w e from gq,and the weakest cases from &.

AC. ~ Y s f f t e e i . The rest like Mssc, and Fern, Base : =% +T Mssc, and Fern. N. V. 3w Ac. am I. W T D. ssac Ab. C f . W: L. & +m * * +s: N. C. AG I. D. Ab. a. L. : wkFzmq dm+: Neuter. 3 % ~ Dual PI'. V. Ac. 33tfr Ylur. N. V. AC, ggfh sing. N. V. AC. , d3a &re q+f;~ dnf$ Tile rest like Masc. and Felu. s 75. Decline : ~ f i m. q f. L. 'greeill' like Rvnq; q q q va. 'wind,' like i;fqI% in Jlasc ; mii,f:'a stone,'! lilze in F e ~ n ;. region,' like myin Yelu. (wit11 labiul for dental). 1. Before vowel-terminations the final of the base remains uachenged ( $ 6 0 ) ; but final way optionally be cllanged to q; ( observe 9 54 ).

1 DECLENSION OF NOUNS. Ab. G. uq: ngq: *: D. Ab. FITvq: iTVXq: ~ f q v q : q~qsrq: G. L. IT: ~Rmq narq FRsg mTg 5 117. The Fcminiue base of simple nouns in q is, where i t exists, formed by the addition cf tlie fern. sutfix $ to the wealrest base ; e. g. 3131;1;, Fem. e ( $ 141 ). Some nouns in q ; have ~ a n optional base in m; e. , besides there exists also declined like ( S 131 ). Some nouns i n q f o r n l their felninine base by t h e addition of t h e fern. suffix $, before wbicli t h e final is changed t o f ; e.

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