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14 Using the criteria established by Arka and Ross (2005) above, WC Bajau is an Indonesian-type language. In WC Bajau there are two voices, actor and undergoer. Since these voices are both syntactically transitive, WC Bajau has a symmetrical voice system. In WC Bajau there is also a ‘true’ passive voice (in which the actor argument is syntactically demoted), as is true of certain other Indonesian-type languages such as Indonesian, Javanese, and Balinese (Ross 2002:458). WC Bajau has an applicative suffix (-an1) which promotes a variety of oblique argument types to undergoer status, and this suffix can co-occur with the actor voice prefix (N-).

Seven of these are located in the southern Philippines, most of them in the Sulu region:2 (1) Balangingi (Bangingi’, Northern Sama), (2) Central Sama (Siasi Sama); (3) Southern Sama (Sinama); (4) Pangutaran Sama; (5) Mapun (Kagayan); (6) Yakan; and (7) Abaknun (Inabaknon). Indonesian Bajau is spoken primarily on the coasts of Sulawesi. WC Bajau is the only language geographically centered in Borneo, specifically in Sabah. Part of their wide geographical distribution owes to the fact that the Sama-Bajaw have long been known as boat dwellers or ‘sea nomads’, though some have now adopted a sedentary lifestyle (Blust 2005:41).

In fact, “to date no one has been able to establish their linguistic position” (Blust 2005:41). Pallesen (1985) has done extensive reconstruction of Proto Sama-Bajaw (PSB) from its daughter languages. He acknowledges that, given “a number of distinctive characteristics” of PSB, including a seven-vowel system and a marked agentive phrase, PSB likely had an Indonesian origin (245). 1 Blust (2005) advances this notion of an According to Sather (1997:7), “In Indonesia and Malaysia the terms ‘Bajau’ and ‘Bajo’ are regularly used in the national vernaculars, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia, as a general ethnic-term for all Sama-Bajau speakers”.

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