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By Fredric Brown

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When he finished, he nodded. “It's fine,” he said. “Did Dotty—ah—make any suggestions? ” “Yes,” Tracy told him. “She made several, and they were all good. Maybe she really can write. ” “No, but Mr. Dineen told me that she has sold a few short stories—I believe he said it was to the love pulp magazines. So she must have some ability. It will be mostly a matter, for her, of learning radio technique. ” “I'll do my best,” Tracy told him. He turned to go. “Ah—just a moment, Mr. Tracy. ” “I'll do my best.

Okay,” Tracy said. “Well, I got home about one-thirty. The door was still locked. I went to bed and slept till nearly noon, and then I went out. I bought a paper but I didn't read it until I was back here, around half past four. That was the first I knew Dineen had been murdered, and it knocked me for a loop. “I liked Dineen all right, but that wasn't why, of course. We were just business acquaintances. ” “I don't know. It worried me. It was pretty hard to believe, but then again it was even harder to believe that it wasn't, if you see what I mean.

And the guys were human. This guy was human; big ears, big shoulders and all, he was a human being. “Stan,” he said, “I was kidding you, acting that way. I'm not drunk. I'm damn cold sober. The couple I had just now were my first today. ” Tracy shook his head. ” “Sure it could be a coincidence. Hell, if you didn't even know the guy—” “I know the guy,” Tracy said. “The one who was killed, I mean. He was my boss. ” “You're kidding,” the bartender said. He put his hands flat on the bar. They were big hands.

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