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It has stimulated the growth in aquaculture production of certain species, even to the point at which the increase in supplies has led to a decline in prices. It has also stimulated production of restructured protein materialthrough the surimi process, for examplethereby allowing low-valued species to substitute for high-valued species, again with a decline in the product's price. Another effect of resource scarcity and rising prices is the increase in potential resource rents.

The study reported on the major changes in fisheries over the last 40 to 50 years, particularly developments in fishing techniques, management, and market demand. Inadequate resource management, particularly for offshore fisheries but also for inshore fisheries and, increasingly, in aquaculture, has resulted in many areas in seriously low, unbalanced, and unsustainable fish stocks. The environment has also had detrimental effects on fishing societies, especially the rural poor, and on national economies.

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