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By Teodoro A. Llamzon S.J. (auth.)

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BY J. C. ANCEAUX because the visual appeal of Brugmann's well-known article at the relation­ ships of the Indo-European languages in 1884, the topic of sub­ grouping of languages as a methodological challenge has been raised simply sometimes. To this obvious loss of curiosity in a massive aspect in comparative linguistics a number of reasons will be assigned. one in every of them is consensus has been reached in regards to the major outlines of the family-tree for the language-family which has bought extra recognition than the other: the Indo-European. one other clarification is that for many of the branches of this kinfolk historic fabrics can be found that have proved very helpful for the reconstruction of the inter­ mediate levels among the proto-Ianguage ande the modem languages. For a number of branches merely has the matter of subgrouping been an issue for dialogue (e.g. Germanic). distinctive consciousness, despite the fact that, can be anticipated from those that began to practice the comparative the right way to different language-families. This cognizance did come ahead, although now not instantly, simply because linguists first needed to care for the issues of proving the life of the family members in query and figuring out which languages belonged to it. For the Austronesian languages severe attemps to reach at a lin­ guistic category all started rather past due. yes instances of nearer relationships have been seen sufficient to be well-known very early ( e.g.

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An example of Ka. /g/ reflex of *-R3 is *huluR3 'fall, meaning': qu:lug. 37 The vowel /0/ in the final syllable in this H. form is unexplained. 22 A SUBGROUPING OF NINE PHILIPPINE LANGUAGES PMP. 30. *ribu 'thousand' 3l. 32. 33. 34. 35. *surat 39 'write' *tampar 40 'slap' *taZem 'sharp' *lima 'five' *mata 'eye' 36. *nanaq 41 'pus' *fiamuk 42 'mosquito' 37. *l:3a13a 'open mouth' 38. *susu 43 'female breast' *caremin 44 'mirror' 39. *beR2as 'unhusked rice' 40. *walu 'eight' 4l. 42. 43. 44. 45. *buqaya 'crocodile' *Danaw 48 'lake' *silew 'glare' *kahiw 'wood' *sakay 'mount' 46.

Bk. Il. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x III. 1 This seetion contains morphological evidence for the subgrouping of the nine Philippine languages under study. The evidence may be divided into: a) numerals, b) personal pronominals, c) transients. 1 The object of this part of the investigation is not to compare the forms and meanings of the various morphemes which the different languages involved in this study may possess, since this is the object of the next part of this study.

Kuwa:ta, Ka. quka:ta 'ours (dual)' imply a protoform kuwata, which appears to contain *kuwa and PMP. , Ka. ta 'ours (dual)'. The Ka. form may have been originally *kua:ta; by metathesis it became quka:ta. 5 H. kuwatuqu, Ka. quka:taku 'ours (inclusive)' imply a protoform kuwataku, which appears to contain *kuwa and *taku, which is the H. and Ka. free nominative form for the first person plural inclusive. 1). The H. form may have been originally *kuwataqu; by assimilation, the a vowel of the penult became u before the u in the ultima.

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