Download PDF by Hubert Chanson: Air Bubble Entrainment in Free-Surface Turbulent Shear Flows

By Hubert Chanson

ISBN-10: 0121681106

ISBN-13: 9780121681104

Content material:

, Pages xiii-xvi,I-IV

, Page xvii
About the author

, Page xviii
List of symbols

, Pages xix-xxix

, Pages xxxi-xlix
Chapter 1 - Introduction

, Pages 2-16
Chapter 2 - Mechanisms of air bubble entrainment

, Pages 17-26
Chapter three - Similitude and experimental studies

, Pages 27-35
Chapter four - Air-water fuel transfer

, Pages 36-41
Chapter five - Plunging jet flows: Presentation

, Pages 44-52
Chapter 6 - Air entrainment via plunging jets

, Pages 53-72
Chapter 7 - Air entrainment in hydraulic jumps

, Pages 73-92
Chapter eight - Air entrainment in plunging jet flows: similar circumstances and gasoline transfer

, Pages 93-101
Chapter nine - Self-aerated flows-presentation

, Pages 104-109
Chapter 10 - Air entrainment in steep chute flows

, Pages 110-132
Chapter eleven - Air entrainment in small-slope waterways

, Pages 133-143
Chapter 12 - Air entrainment in partially-filled conduits

, Pages 144-152
Chapter thirteen - Air entrainment in open channels: Discussion

, Pages 153-164
Chapter 14 - creation to high-velocity water jets discharging into the ambience and ventilated hollow space flows

, Pages 166-173
Chapter 15 - Air entrainment in high-velocity water jets

, Pages 174-188
Chapter sixteen - Ventilated hollow space flows

, Pages 189-199
Chapter 17 - Spillway program: Aeration devices

, Pages 200-214
Chapter 18 - precis: Air bubble diffusion in shear flows

, Pages 216-234
Chapter 19 - Conclusion

, Pages 235-238

, Pages 239-261
Appendix A - Constants and fluid properties

, Pages 263-270
Appendix B - Unit conversions

, Pages 271-273
Appendix C - Bubble upward push velocity

, Pages 274-277
Appendix D - Sound celerity in two-phase (gas-liquid) flow

, Pages 278-280
Appendix E - Air bubble diffusion at plunging water jets

, Pages 281-288
Appendix F - attribute parameters of boundary layer

, Pages 289-292
Appendix G - Air focus distributions in self-aerated flows

, Pages 293-303
Appendix H - Air-water circulate in partially-filled pipes

, Pages 304-306
Appendix I - Air focus distributions in water jets discharging into the atmosphere

, Pages 307-315
Appendix J - Jet trajectory calculations

, Pages 316-322
Appendix ok - Air bubble dimension distribution characteristics

, Pages 323-326
Appendix L - Air-water movement as acknowledged by way of Leonardo da Vinci

, Pages 327-329
Appendix M - Corrections

, Pages 330-331
Index of authors

, Pages 333-337
Subject index

, Pages 339-348

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Sample text

He was Professor at the University of Gottingen. PRONY: Gaspard Clair Frangois Marie Riche de PRONY (1755-1839) was a French mathematician and engineer. He succeeded A. CHEZY as director general of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris during the French revolution. Radial gate: underflow gate for which the wetted surface has a cylindrical shape. M. RANKINE (1820-1872) was a Scottish engineer and physicist. His contribution to thermodynamics and steam-engine was important.

G. IPPEN and HARLEMAN 1956, HAGER 1992a). Shock waves are called also lateral shock waves, oblique hydraulic jumps, Mach waves, crosswaves, diagonal jumps. g. Arizona-side spillway of the Hoover dam, USA). Similitude : correspondence between the behaviour of a model and that of its prototype, with or without xlvi Glossary geometric similarity. The correspondence is usually limited by scale effects. Siphon : pipe system discharging waters between two reservoirs (or above a dam) in which the water pressure becomes sub-atmospheric.

The original Pitot tube consisted of two tubes, one with an opening facing the flow. L. g. HOWE 1949) which provides the total head, piezometric head and velocity measurements. It is called a Prandtl-Pitot tube and more commonly a Pitot tube. C. 428-347) who influenced greatly Western philosophy. Plungingjet: liquid jet impacting (or impinging) into a receiving pool of liquid. POISEUILLE : Jean-Louis Marie POISEUILLE (1799-1869) was a French physician and physiologist who investigated the characteristics of blood flow.

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