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Whilst German meteorologist Alfred Wegener first proposed his groundbreaking idea of continental displacement, later known as continental glide, in 1912, his geologist friends rejected his conception as the box of geology on the flip of the century used to be established in 18th- and 19th-century observations concerning the nature of the earth and the planet's improvement. Wegener's thought of continental go with the flow proposed that the large landmasses slowly moved at the earth's floor over thousands of years. His suggestion defined numerous observations made in regards to the earth, from how the continents shaped, to what explanations earthquakes, to how the earth's floor maintains to alter. An itinerant explorer, Wegener traveled all over the world, and he died whereas on a polar venture in Greenland. It wasn't until eventually a long time after his loss of life that the continental flow idea proved fruitful to different scientists within the twentieth century. In "Alfred Wegener", find out how this bold adventurer pieced jointly a thought that later revolutionized the Earth sciences.

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If the planet was not losing heat, it might not be shrinking either. Other questions had been raised about the cooling-and-contraction theory. Some scientists had pointed out, for instance, that contraction ought to produce mountains that were distributed evenly through the crust. Mountains appeared only in certain places, however—usually at the edges of continents. In the late 19th century, furthermore, British scientist Osmond Fisher (1817–1914), a founder of geophysics, had set out to prove Kelvin’s assumptions about the cooling and contracting Earth and had found just the opposite.

Foto Marburg Art Resource) During the next few months, Wegener gathered information from a variety of scientific fields to support his theory. Almost from the beginning, he was sure his ideas were right, even though they contradicted what most Earth scientists of the time believed. He wrote to Köppen on December 31, 1911, “If it turns out that sense and meaning are now becoming evident in the whole history of the Earth’s development, why should we hesitate to toss the old views overboard? ” Weather Pioneer  Wegener first presented his proposal in two speeches given at different scientific meetings in January 1912.

Both Alfred, born in Berlin on November 0 Weather Pioneer  1, 1880, and his brother, Kurt, two years older, grew up to become meteorologists in the pioneering days of that field, when learning about the Earth’s atmosphere often involved excitement and risk. Alfred and Kurt were two of Richard and Anna Wegener’s three surviving children; the third was their sister, Tony. Two other siblings had died in childhood. Of all these children, Alfred was the youngest. 5 km) north of Berlin. ) The boys’ love of the outdoors probably developed during these country stays.

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