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Finally a self-contained, one quantity, graduate-level algebra textual content that's readable through the common graduate scholar and versatile sufficient to deal with a wide selection of teachers and direction contents. The tenet all through is that the fabric may be offered as common as attainable, in line with reliable pedagogy. for this reason it stresses readability instead of brevity and includes a very huge variety of illustrative exercises.

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Similarly for bE B, we have either f-1(b) = )25 (b is parentless) or f-1(b) = a' E A (a' is the parent of b). If we continue to trace back the "ancestry" of an element a E A in this manner, one of three things must happen. J 18 PREREQUISITES AND PRELIMINARIES of a), or the ancestry of a e A can be traced back forever (infinite ancestry). Now define three subsets of A [resp. B] as follows: Al A2 A3 Bl B2 B3 = {a e A I a has a parentless ancestor in A} ; = {a e A I a has a parentless ancestor in B}; e A I a has infinite ancestry} ; {b e Bib has a parentless ancestor in A} ; = {b e Bib has a parentless ancestor in B} ; = {b e Bib has infinite ancestry}.

X-I is an auto- 3. Let Q8 be the group (under ordinary matrix multiplication) generated by the complex matrices A = (_~ ~) and B = (~ ~), where i2 = -1. Show that Q8 is a nonabelian group of order 8. Q8 is called the quaternion group. [Hint: Observe that BA = A3B, whence every element of Q8 is of the form AiBi. J 4. Let Hbe the group (under matrix multiplication) of real matrices generated by C = (_ ~ ~) and D = (~ ~). Show that H is a nonabelian group of order 8 which is not isomorphic to the quaternion group of Exercise 3, but is isomorphic to the group D4 *.

REMARKS. 7 is said to be ordered by extension. The proof of the theorem is a typical example of the use of Zorn's Lemma. The details of similar arguments in the sequel will frequently be abbreviated. B. Every infinite set has a denumerable subset. In particular, every infinite cardinal number a. Nu :::; a for 8. 19 CARDINAL NUMBERS SKETCH OF PROOF. If B is a finite subset of the infinite set A, then A - B is nonempty. For each finite subset B of A, choose an element XB e A - B (Axiom of Choice).

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