Allies and enemies : how the world depends on bacteria - download pdf or read online

By Anne Maczulak

ISBN-10: 0137015461

ISBN-13: 9780137015467

Bacteria are invisible, mysterious, lethal, self-sufficient…and completely crucial for all existence, together with yours. No different dwelling issues mix their based simplicity with their quite complicated function: micro organism hold us alive, offer our nutrition, and control our biosphere. We can’t stay an afternoon with out them, and no chemical, antibiotic, or irradiation has ever effectively eliminated them. They’re our companions, love it or not--even although a few of them will fortunately kill us.

Allies and Enemies tells the tale of this striking, intimate partnership. Authored by means of Anne Maczulak, a microbiologist who’s hunted and labored with a rare array of micro organism, this booklet deals a strong new viewpoint on Earth’s oldest creatures. You’ll detect how micro organism paintings, how they evolve, their wonderful contributions and makes use of, the jobs they’ve performed in human historical past, and why you cannot live to tell the tale with out them. No kind of existence is extra vital, and in Maczulak’s fingers, none is extra attention-grabbing.


Outlasted, outnumbered, outsmarted

They’ve been right here 4 billion years--and they even outnumber you in your individual body


How micro organism hold you alive…

…and easy methods to preserve them from killing you


“Humans Defeat Germs!”

But no longer for long…


The Invisible Universe

The lovely hidden relationships among micro organism and the remainder of nature


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No part of a bacterial cell is very far from the surface where nutrients enter and toxic wastes exit. Eukaryotic cells that make up humans, algae, redwoods, and protozoa contain varied organelles each surrounded by a membrane. The surface-to-volume ratio in these cells is one-tenth that of bacteria, so shuttling substances across all those organelle membranes, the cytoplasm, and the outer membrane burns energy. Bacterial structure is less demanding and more efficient. Finally, small size contributes to massive bacterial populations that dwarf the populations of any other biota.

Louis Pasteur possessed such a rare and keen insight into biology that his conclusions almost always proved to be correct. One famous misstep occurred in 1865 during a cholera outbreak in Paris. Pasteur believed the pathogen Vibrio cholerae transmitted through the air though it is a waterborne pathogen. The French nonetheless felt relieved to know that Pasteur was hard at work trying to save them from cholera. The Paris epidemic ran its course and disappeared on its own. During a rabies scare in 1885, Pasteur concocted a treatment and gave the untested drug to a nine-year-old boy, Joseph Meister, who had been bitten by a grocer’s dog.

If I were a bacterium, my name would be Maczulak anne or M. anne. To name a new bacterium, microbiologists have several conventions at their disposal. All that matters is that the new name be different from all other names in biology. 1 shows common naming conventions. 1 Origins of bacteria names Naming Method Example Reason for the Name A historic event Legionella pneumophila Cause of a new disease that occurred at a Legionnaires convention in 1976 Color Cyanobacterium Blue-green color Cell shape and arrangement Streptococcus pyogenes Long, twisting chains (strepto-) of spherical (-coccus) cells Place of discovery Thiomargarita namibiensis Found off the coast of Namibia Discoverer Escherichia coli Discovered by Theodor Escherich in 1885 From the Library of Wow!

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