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By G. Zibold (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

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Since 1970 numerous volumes of the Landolt-Börnstein New Series have seemed that are dedicated to, or at the least contain, the magnetic homes of a few particular teams of gear. quantity 19 of staff III (Crystal and reliable country Physics) offers with the magnetic homes of metals, alloys and metal compounds containing no less than one transition point. the volume of data to be had has turn into so vast that a number of subvolumes are had to conceal all of it. the 1st subvolumes care for the intrinsic magnetic houses, i.e. these magnetic homes which count in simple terms at the chemical composition and the crystal constitution. info at the homes, that, additionally, rely on the guidance of the samples measured, as for example, skinny movies or amorphous alloys and the magnetic alloys utilized in technical functions, can be compiled within the final subvolumes of the sequence. the 1st subvolume, III/19 a, seemed in 1986. It covers the magnetic homes of metals and alloys of the 3d, 4d and 5d transition parts. within the current subvolume, III/19 b, the magnetic houses are taken care of of the binary metal alloys and compounds of 3d transition parts with the weather of the teams 1B, 2A, 2B and 3B of the Periodic System.

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5mT [Sl Z 11. Zibold 48 [Ref. p. 5 0 10 20 30 40 - K 50 l-3 Fig. 91. Co-Cu. ac magnetic susceptibility xac, in relative units, vs. temperature [Sl V 11. See also [78 K 1). -2 0 H- -1 1 2 kOe 3 Fig. 92. 9804. 2K [81 V 11. 5165 I- --7 0 20 - 40 ’ 60 * ’ 256 h I 80 kOe 100 H- Fig. 93. 99538. Effect of ageing at 500°C on the magnetic moment per gram, cr,vs. magnctic field. a vs. H for Cu is given for comparison [75T 1-j. Set also [70T 13. 6 Co-Cu Ref. p. 2E 0 50 50 100 a I I I 150 200 250 K 300 b T- 0 c 50 100 150 7- 50 0 100 200 250 K 300 Magnetic moment per gram, Fig.

Anomalous Hall constant RI vs. temperature. See also Figs. 91, 92 [81 V I]. 9 0 20 Zibold T- [Ref. p. 139 . 6 Ni-Cu 52 Ni-Cu A continuous seriesof solid solutions exists for Ni-Cu alloys. The Ni-Cu alloys have been investigated in a large number of publications covering nearly a!! compositions. Up to about 30 at% Ni, their susceptibility is almost temperature-independent [SSP 11, (Fig. The alloyed Ni has no magnetic moment before Ni atoms with IO to 11 nearestNi neighbours are present (Fig. These nearest neighbour Ni atoms form large polarization clouds, causing superparamagnetic behaviour with giant magnetic moments of 10pn to 12 pB above x 30 at% Ni in Cu [70K 11, (Figs.

2 K as known from magnetic susceptibility data from [81 M 2, 80 S 23, see also [SOM 5, 82 H 2,69 0 11. 974. non dispersion (circles and triangles) relations of a single crystal measured by inelastic neutron scattering in the [IOO] direction at room temperature. 2 (t=l corresponding to the Brillouin zone boundary) a quadratic dispersion is observed yielding a spin wave stiffness constant D=165(20)meVA2 [83Vl]. See also [83 Wl] and Table 9. Fig. 55. 6 Mn-Cu Ref. p. 5 10 0 15 45 30 60 K T0 3 2 1 5 ev 4 hv- Fig.

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