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Maps are beguilingly basic constructions with deep and ubiquitous homes. They come up in a necessary means in lots of components of arithmetic and mathematical physics, yet require huge time and computational attempt to generate. Few gathered drawings can be found for reference, and little has been written, in publication shape, approximately their enumerative elements. An Atlas of the Smaller Maps in Orientable and Nonorientable Surfaces is the 1st e-book to supply entire collections of maps in addition to their vertex and face walls, variety of rootings, and an index quantity for pass referencing. It presents an evidence of axiomatization and encoding, and serves as an advent to maps as a combinatorial constitution. The Atlas lists the maps first via genus and variety of edges, and provides the embeddings of all graphs with at so much 5 edges in orientable surfaces, hence featuring the genus distribution for every graph. Exemplifying using the Atlas, the authors discover great conjectures with origins in mathematical physics and geometry: the Quadrangulation Conjecture and the b-Conjecture.The authors' transparent, readable exposition and review of enumerative conception makes this assortment available even to execs who're now not experts. For researchers and scholars operating with maps, the Atlas presents a prepared resource of knowledge for trying out conjectures and exploring the algorithmic and algebraic homes of maps.

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Let q be a quadrangulation and let t be one of its spanning trees. Let Vq be the cycle space of q. This is a vector space over GF (2) consisting of the set of all even spanning subgraphs of q. Since q is a quadrangulation in the sphere, each fundamental cycle of q with respect to t is a face cycle of q, and therefore has even length. The fundamental cycles form a basis of Vq , so each cycle of q is a sum over GF (2) of even length cycles, and so has even length. Thus q has no cycles of odd length, and is therefore bipartite.

The first example is for an encoding of a map in a nonorientable surface (the Klein bottle), specifically the labelling of m˜2·18 given below. ❍❍ 7 6 ✟✟ ❍ ✟ 8❍✟5 4 3 11 2 1 10 12 9 The labels {1, . . , 4n} (where n = 3) are assigned to the 4n side-end positions so that 4k + 1, 4k + 2, 4k + 3, 4k + 4 are the side-end labels for an edge, for some k. Moreover, 4k + 1 and 4k + 2 are to be at the same end of the edge, and 4k + 1 and 4k + 3 are to be on the same side of the edge. The permutations associated with each vertex are (1 11 9)(2 10 12) and (4 5 7)(3 8 6).

2 Example: Maps with the same vertex and face partitions but different associated graphs Are there maps with the same vertex and face partitions, but with different associated graphs? There are certainly examples of such maps, and these can be found by searching the Atlas serially from genus 0. An instance of a pair of such maps is m1·428 and m1·429 , both of which have vertex partition [5 3 2] and face partition [9 1]. From Chapter 8, the associated graph of these are g70 and g73 , respectively.

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