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By B.Syamala Kumari

Mainly on Tolkåappiyam, historic Tamil grammar, by means of Tolkåappiyar.

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K. 3^5 Mohan, to which place does your new friend belong? cruoift, rarocgaDronnisiabo fflra3 roiejorunocD Sir, his birth place is also a capital city. Which is that? Bhuvaneswar Sir, Bhuvaneswar is not Sahu's birth place. orunejo V That is his place of work. » His birth place is a small village. 3rr"% nfljcmo its name is Kashipur. j)s>s 6TTD" ? Sir, to which place does our teacher Srimati Saradamani belong ? '° cnososna". She belongs to Tamil nadu. Tanjore is her birth place. crunaio. [63(03 Sir, Tanjore is a very old city.

Sitaodb Malaya, Malajtalam My name is Madhava» Pillai. 9 4—3 CIIL M/80 Who are you? •, nVl6m3<26>s cajsxaannosnro" ? What is. your name? ;u csoionnnJ ejo6>ejonr)06rTOu. i , ? gDcgnOo oja6nou. i^/aji. I am a Malayalam student. iswnjottsb My name Lai. Who is this gentleman? cTvjogo H e is Sahu. Mr. Sahu is a student. : croo*, ratocgnDo raoiroosna0 ? is M o h a n Jayapal Telugu Sir, who is that gentleman? He is Mr. Ram Rao, the Kannada teacher. rara)roo6nau, caofioria ? mails'0 Mohan, Who is this lady?

Sir, who is that lady ? She is Mrs. mani, the teacher. orooft, (TTxtiTM'0 ^joaoromosrra0 ? SaradaTamil Sir, which is the Tamil cliss? mails' 0 ^oaru" rararaiosro". That is the Tamil elass DRILLS A. Repetition drill a. 1 arooofl mejoo>o§o 3TR -M^ 2 CTT)CUD aruoaoaio6rra°. f^rsrrf«T MY snprw' i c«)oro8omsrDioQ)06na0. <9>onr)cu) b. si3Oo 2 6rmorii 3 (BTOCgoOo (aT3)f006rti)0 ? 5 rarog)0 7 ffl&jcoogo 8 oaoraso(H6rr)1 C. d. e. Sandhi Practice , -J- + (313)600° arm" ejofoi >!

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