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The goal of this e-book is to introduce the reader to the attention-grabbing global of convex polytopes. The highlights of the e-book are 3 major theorems within the combinatorial thought of convex polytopes, often called the Dehn-Sommerville family, the higher certain Theorem and the decrease certain Theorem. all of the historical past details on convex units and convex polytopes that's m~eded to lower than­ stand and enjoy those 3 theorems is constructed intimately. This heritage fabric additionally kinds a foundation for learning different facets of polytope idea. The Dehn-Sommerville kinfolk are classical, while the proofs of the higher sure Theorem and the decrease sure Theorem are of more moderen date: they have been present in the early 1970's via P. McMullen and D. Barnette, respectively. A well-known conjecture of P. McMullen at the charac­ terization off-vectors of simplicial or uncomplicated polytopes dates from a similar interval; the publication ends with a short dialogue of this conjecture and a few of its family to the Dehn-Sommerville kin, the higher sure Theorem and the decrease sure Theorem. even though, the new proofs that McMullen's stipulations are either enough (L. J. Billera and C. W. Lee, 1980) and precious (R. P. Stanley, 1980) transcend the scope of the booklet. necessities for interpreting the ebook are modest: usual linear algebra and trouble-free element set topology in [R1d will suffice.

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We may assume that dim Q = d. Choose an irreducible representa- tion Q = nK(Xi, IX;). n i= 1 Let x be a relative interior point of F. 2(a), there isj such that x E H(xj, IX) n Q. Now, F is the smallest face containing x, cf. 6, and H(x j , IX) n Q is a facet containing x, cf. 2(c). Therefore, with G := H(xj' rl,) n Q o we have the desired conclusion. 4. Let Q be a polyhedral set in /Rd. Then every face of Q is also a polyhedral set. PROOF. We need only prove the statement for proper faces of Q.

Show that for a non-empty convex subset F of C, the following three conditions are equivalent: (a) F is a face of C. (b) There is a supporting affine subspace A of C such that A II C = F. (c) aff F is a supporting affine subspace of C with (aff F) II C =, F. 5. Let C be a compact convex set in con v M is a face of C if and only if (aff M) II [Rd, and let M be a subset of ext C. Show that conv((ext C)\M) = 0. 6. Show that there are compact convex sets C such that C -=I conv(exp C). Prove Straszewicz's Theorem: For any compact convex set C one has C = cJconv(exp C).

Let F be a proper exposed face of C, and let G := F6. Show that G= Dn n H(x, 1), XE extF and show that G = D n H(xo, 1) for any relative interior point Xo of F. 7. Let C and D be mutually polar compact convex sets. Extend the definition of the 6-operation by allowing it to operate on arbitrary subsets of C and D. Show that when M is a subset of C, then M66 := (M 6 is the smallest exposed face of C containing M. t CHAPTER 2 Convex Polytopes §7. Polytopes A (convex) polytope is a set which is the convex hull of a non-empty finite set, see Section 2.

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