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By Robert Godel

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The writer is very attracted to comparative and historic study on Armenian as an Indo-European language. This "Introduction" includes elements. the 1st one describes the phonological and morphological method of Classical Armenian with the aim of environment off its attribute gains, no longer of residing on such information as are available in any strong grammar publication. the second one half is comparative and historic. in addition to the simplest ascertained proof, it comprises disscussions on arguable concerns, in addition to a few new insights in histroical morphology.

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A. : bac'-i; P. : bac'-ay) (Aor. A. : argel-i; P. : argel-ay) (Aor. JP. : hamarec'-ay) (Aor. JP. : mofac'-ay) (Aor. /P. ) banayi 'I opened/was opened' argelui 'I hindered/was hindered', etc. ) argeluc'um 'I shall hinder/be hindered' hamaric'im 'I shall regard/be regarded' ant'etnuc'u 'he will read/(something) will be read', etc. 242. In the aorist group, the voice contrast is expressed by the personal endings. ) p'orjec'-i 'I tempted' p'otjec'-ay 'I was tempted' patmec'-in 'they told' patmec'-an '(things) were told' argel 'he hindered' argel-aw 'he was hindered' ziard ebac' z-ac's k'o?

Keani, ateam), the e/ea contrast needs no particular explanation. But it. orists related to simple -em presents: grem ' I write' : aor. grec'-i katarem ' I achieve' katarec'i 3rd sg. greae' katareae', etc. The common opinion is that -eae'-, reducing to -ec'- in non final syllables, is the original form of the suffix (Meillet, 1913, §26; 1936, p. 115-116; J ensen, §43; Abrahamyan, § 229). Yet, Mann may well be right in suspecting that "the 3rd sing. form of -e- stems (-eae') contains a non historical -a- of uncertain origin" (1968, p.

Lment against substituting the usual transliteration by a tentative, and perhaps misleading, phonological transcription. 4. THE TRADITIONAL PRONUNCIATION OF CIArm. , as a written language, fairly preserved its grammatical shape through centuries, while the spoken dialects gradually altered (Cf. 2). 42J models, they would have hardly been able, and certainly did not trouble, to preserve or restore the original phonology : they would instead conform to the pronunciation of their own days. However, in view of the variety of modern dialectal developments, it must be assumed that a tradition was established at a certain stage of the evolution.

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